Abibifahodie Asako Afrikan=Black Combat Capoeira Flyer

Abibifahodie Capoeira meets for music, training and rodas on Saturdays from 10AM-12PM at the Lion House Afrikan Cultural Center.

Classes incorporate music with the full bateria of Capoeira including berimbaus, pandeiros, reco-reco, atabaque and agogo. Songs are sung primarily in Twi, Yoruba, Wolof and Kikongo.

Our main focus is Asako (Afrikan Combat Kipura) as a practical combat science and a game of technique and strategy.

We typically end each class with a roda where we focus on techniques and principles learned during the day's class as well as other movements.

Our current payment structure is GH₵ 25/class.

Location: The Lion House Afrikan Cultural Center