Dr. Obadele Kambon Interview at Black History Month Festival 2015 on the ɔbɛnta, an instrument of Asako (Afrikan Combat Capoeira) and non-Afrikan Capoeira
Songs sung:
Dadeɛ bɛnamm a (akɔm song for Ɔbosom Adade Kofi/Ɔboɔ Kwasi)
Sama Gàmmu (Youssou N’Dour song from Rokku mi Rokka)
(Disclaimer: Note that in Afrikan Combat Capoeira, as part of our reAfrikanization and dewhitenization of Capoeira we have ceased and desisted from singing in portuguese as the goal is Total Afrikan Liberation from under eurasians rather than the proliferation of the languages of the past, current and future enemies of Afrikan people)