Music, training and rodas at North Legon.

Abibifahodie Capoeira Saturdays 10AM-12 PM at The Lion House Afrikan Cultural Center, North Legon.

Each class incorporates music with the full bateria of Capoeira including berimbaus, pandeiros, reco-reco, atabaque and agogo. Songs are sung in Twi, Yoruba, Wolof, Kikongo and other Afrikan languages depending on student input and participation.

While our main focus in Capoeira Angola for combative application, we also incorporate various movements and techniques of Capoeira Regional. We train for jogo de dentro (inside game) and jogo de fora (outside game) as well as jogo duro (aggressive games). Our focus is teaching capoeira as a practical combat science of technique and strategy.

We typically end each class with a roda where we focus on techniques and principles learned during the day’s class as well as other movements.

Our current payment structure is 25GH₵/class.